Tool Tutorial

Tool Tutorial

Our Personal Approach

At Nebo Tours we take every step necessary to make sure your tailormade travel program is made to your needs, ensuring maximum comfort, finely detailed, and consistent with your budget. 
Our experience has helped us develop an in-depth understanding of customer requirements and be able to anticipate any other needs to maximize the experience and bring the best value.

Please Contact Us for a consultation on your upcoming visit.

If you already have your itinerary set out, and would like an estimate on price with availability, you can use our special online tool to design your itinerary, choose your options, accommodations, and any additional services.

How to use the tool?

The first step is to design your day to day plan which tells us about your transportation route, overnight locations, and visits for the program with additional options where available. The second step is where you can choose your transport vehicle, hotels, guides, and other options.

Access the tool by clicking here

1.  Start with where and when you would like to arrive.

2. Choose where you want to go next. 

3. If you want to go to a location and end the itinerary there for the day, but still want to continue the next day, choose "Overnight" to let us know where you would like to spend the night. This will automatically end the day and start a new day.

4. If you want to visit some of Jordan's great wonders, choose "+ Site Visit" and choose your visit from the available list. 

5. Once you have chosen the visit, you can add more of the available additional services that are not part of the main visit by choosing "+Addon". These are optional items that can enhance or add value to your visit.

6. Now you can add more visits if time allows, end your day at that location or another location for overnight from Step 3. You can also be dropped off at any location by choosing "Drop Off". If you choose to be dropped off you can be picked up again 2 or more days later. 

7. Now you can add more days with visits using the same steps from before. You can also choose free days without visits in some locations like Amman, Aqaba, and the Dead Sea. If you choose "Free Day and Overnight" a day will be added and another overnight in that same location will be set. 

8. You can end the itinerary design at any point after choosing an Overnight or Drop Off location. From here you can proceed to choose your options in the next step.

9. Now you can define what you want in your trip in terms of services you would like included. Starting with your transportation and applicable entrance fees. Choose the options as you see fit for you and the people joining you. It is important that your vehicle can accommodate the number of people in your party. On the right side, you can keep track of the budget for the trip.

10. Blow this, you can see the itinerary that you have designed with dates and options. Now you can choose whether you can a guide to be with you on the trip on specific days. for 7 or more persons, regulations state a guide has to accompany the group.
In this step, you can choose your hotels, rooms, and meals.

11. As you choose your hotels, all options within that location will be offered. Choose the number of rooms that are necessary to accommodate your party in each of the hotels.