Medical Services - خدمات علاجية

Medical Services - خدمات علاجية

Nebo Medical Division (NMD)


The creation of a Medical Tourism division within Nebo Tours to connect patients in the region with doctors and medical services in Jordan. 


With an advanced health care system and a large number of highly qualified doctors, Jordan is considered amongst the world's top destinations for patients seeking excellent medical help at affordable prices.  Jordanian doctors are highly educated and well trained and have access to the latest medical equipment, resources and technology the world has to offer in Jordanian hospitals & clinics. 

We believe, that our experience as a travel agent & tour operator in marketing Jordan as tourist destination will help us in marketing Jordan's medical services regionally as well. 

Nebo Tours 

Nebo Tours today is a premier Travel & Destination Management Company in Jordan, servicing a large number of local & multinational corporate clients and individuals in Jordan & abroad. Using advanced technology, and unending adaptability, we provide custom travel solutions for companies small and large, locally and globally. Nebo Tours is also an inbound tour operator offering hotel bookings, transfers, tours and logistical services to thousands of foreigners visiting Jordan over the past 25 years.  

The Medical Tourism Division:

Although several companies, organizations & individuals are promoting medical services in Jordan to patients in the region, and connecting them with Jordanian doctors and hospitals, many patients are leaving with a negative impression with regards to the overall experience in Jordan. 

Most visiting patients are satisfied with their doctors, medical treatment & procedures as well as hospitals and nurses.  But many patients complain about non-medically related issues such as- finding the right doctor, getting appointments, finding and getting to the clinics and hospitals, accommodation for them and their accompanying family members around the hospitals…etc.   This is where the new Medical Division at Nebo Tours will come in. Nebo Medical Division can organize the logistical aspects related to a patient's trip to Jordan including:

Flights from their cities to Amman and back

Visas to Jordan if applicable and possible  

Meet & Assist at Amman airport on arrival and departure 

Airport transfers by cars, minivans or ambulances if necessary 

Accommodation at Hotels or serviced apartments (different levels & budgets)

Transportation within Amman including transfers to/from clinics, hospitals, labs..etc.

Currency exchange and banking services

Shopping & Entertainment for patients and accompanying family members 

Nebo Medical Division (NMD) would also handle some other needed services before, during and after the patient’s visit to Jordan including:

Provide a list of Doctors in different specialties with a short profile of each doctor

Arrange for any medical reports to be forwarded to the doctor *

Arrange for a pre-appointment phone/video call

Schedule appointments with Doctors and Specialists  

Schedule appointments with Laboratories, Radiology centers, Hospitals, Therapists..etc.

Arrange for the purchase of prescribed medications 

Arrange for follow up calls/zoom meetings with Doctors after patients return to their home countries

Advantages for patients using NMD:

NMD will connect patients only with well known and experienced doctors in Jordan   

Expedited appointments with Doctors, specialists, hospitals, medical centers..etc 

Avoiding financial exploitation 

Special arrangements and/or equipments (nursing services, wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators…etc)

Hassle free door to door logistics in Jordan through local expertise

24 hours emergency hotline 

Reduced rates on accommodation and transportation

Privacy & discreteness 

Questions for the Doctors: 

- Would the Doctors be able to offer NMD appointments with minimal waiting time?

- Initially –How many Doctors should be listed in each specialty?

- Do you recommend NMD connects with One, Two or several Hospitals?

- Are Hospitals categorized based on quality, services, rates…etc?

- Is it possible to have a set Fee for the First/Initial consultation in each specialty that can be available to patients?

- Is a pre appointment phone /video call needed or does that depends on the specialty/doctor/case?  

- Do Jordanian doctors in general accept non-Jordanian medical insurance – if yes and you have information could you elaborate on how this works?

- Which Medical specialties/services should be offered – Should we include cosmetic surgery, dental, optometry and sight correction…etc. Any specialties that should not be offered?  

- Any suggestions or recommendations?