Jordan Tourism and Coronavirus - COVID 19

Jordan Tourism and Coronavirus - COVID 19

Learn about the tourism regulations in Jordan after Coronavirus - COVID 19, all you need to know about tourism regulations from cleanliness standards to travel procedures and restrictions.

Due to the COVID-19 Epidemic that has affected the world, our physical office is closed for the time being, however we continue to work from home and serve our guests. We as Nebo Tours, our government, and all our partners are working hard to make sure all future visitors to Jordan are safe, to allow them to enjoy their experiences. Jordan has been very successful at limiting the spread of the virus, and these efforts will surely be a great asset when people consider Jordan for their next visit.

Jordan's Situation

Since 1/7/2020

  • Coronavirus Cases: 1,132
  • Deaths: 9
  • Recovered: 882

More statistics is available on the Ministry of Health Website

Tourism Regulations

Jordan has re-opened all touristic sites for domestic tourism (Locals & Expats residing in Jordan) with extreme hygienic measures and distancing standards, as for international tourism we are still monitoring the government's decisions and updates regarding this matter, and we are hoping the borders will be opened in August or September. 

Public services such as pharmacies, banks, restaurants, shops and others are open for service with strict social distancing and hygienic measures.

Travel Procedures & Restrictions

Jordan is one of the few countries in the world that controlled the spread of the virus within its population, the credit goes to the swift action of the government and authorities before the outbreak of the disease internationally, currently residents arriving back to Jordan are required to stay at 5, 4, 3 stars hotels in Dead Sea and Amman as 14 day quarantine.

Cleanliness Standards

We as well as our government are taking all the necessary measures to prepare for travelers to Jordan to feel safe and secure for their upcoming trips, we are also working with our partners to create the safest environment to allow people to visit the country with ease, extensive testing and inspections for the public and working institutions are being conducted regularly to ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards.

Our staff at the airport, offices, and in the field including guides and drivers are equipped with masks and gloves and following the strict hygienic routines (continuous and regular washing, use of anti-bacterial) to prevent exposure.

Transport companies, hotels, restaurants are also taking the same kind of measures, deep cleaning and disinfection are being done regularly to prevent residues, all are also fitting facilities with anti-bacterial gels at receptions, restaurants, bathrooms, and public facilities, all transport vehicles are fitted with the same as well.

Our partner hotels have also developed their own procedures to minimize contact, maintain the highest level of hygiene, and continue to provide a high level service that is expected from our guests.

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