Private Full Day Tour of Amman and Jerash

  • Private Full Day Tour of Amman and Jerash
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Start your day in the capital of Jordan Amman, also known as the ancient city of Philadelphia. Walk in the busy downtown explore its souks and ancient attractions. Then head to Jerash to discover the best preserved city of the Roman Empire. Dubbed “Pompeii of the East” it boasts magnificent temples, theaters, and colonnaded streets

Downtown Amman (al-Balad)is the old commercial area of Amman, Jordan.

The Balad is the oldest section of the city, being the one that was originally inhabited during the Neolithic period around 6500 B.C. The seven jabals, or hills, around it were occupied during the same time and formed the perimeter of the young city, most notably the Citadel atop Citadel Hill.

Downtown Amman is made up of a myriad of souq markets and independently owned businesses. The area's long history leaves a large number of historical sites, such as the Amman Citadel and the Roman Amphitheater.  

The Amman Citadel is a historical site at the center of downtown Amman, Jordan. Known in Arabic as Jabal al-Qal'a, the L-shaped hill is one of the seven jabals(mountains) that originally made up Amman. Evidence of occupation since the pottery Neolithic period has been found. It was inhabited by different peoples and cultures until the time of the Umayyads

The Citadel is considered an important site because it has had a long history of occupation by many great civilizations. Most of the buildings still visible at the site are from the Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad periods.The major buildings at the site are the Temple of Hercules, a Byzantine church, and the Umayyad Palace.

Amman's Roman Amphitheatre is a 6,000-seat, 2nd-century Roman theatre. A famous landmark in the Jordanian capital, it dates back to the Roman period when the city was known as Philadelphia. The theatre and the nearby Odeon are flanking the new Hashemite Plaza from the south and the east respectively, while the Roman Nymphaeum is just a short stroll away in south-westerly direction.

Then take a tour in a private A/C vehicle to the Greco Roman City of Jerash, located 75 kilometers north of Amman. Your tour will start from your hotel in Amman. The tour is expected to last around 3 hours, and you can take some time to wander off by yourself and explore. At the end of the tour, return to Amman.

Jerash Conquered by General Pompey in 63 BC, the Greco-Roman city north of Amman came under Roman rule and was one of the ten great Roman cities of the Decapolis League. It is still one of the largest and best preserved in the region.

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