10 Must Eat Foods in Jordan

  • 10 Must Eat Foods in Jordan

Jordan is a country that is rich in culture and heritage, and where cultures meet, great food is bound to be found. We have compiled a list of the top 10 traditional foods a visitor to Jordan should try, ranging from home made specialties, street foods, and popular favorites for locals.

Wondering what to eat in Jordan? While the list of food in Amman Jordan can be bigger, we took the top 10 recommendations that reflect traditional food in Jordan and rich cuisine. Some of the dishes can be found and shared across many countries, Jordanians have developed their own unique flavors and variations of Jordan foods.

Here's the list:


1. Mansaf

The traditional signature dish of Jordan, and source of pride for all Jordanians on who makes the best Mansaf.
A large platter of white rice over paper thin bread called "Shrak" topped with pull-apart lamb cuts, and soaked in a special sauce made from dried yoghurt called Jameed. 

Where to get it: Jabri, Deeritna & Local Homes. You are also likely to find it in most traditional Jordanian Restaurants.

2. Makloubeh

This hearty dish of rice, vegetables, and cuts of lamb or chicken is a homemade specialty. While there are many variations of which vegetables are used, most feature potatoes, cauliflower, and eggplants. The spicy rice dish is a tasty feast. The name which means "upside down" comes from the flipping of the cooking pot contents onto the serving tray. A side of yogurt salad adds the creamy flavor as well.