12 Movies Filmed in Wadi Rum

  • 12 Movies Filmed in Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum has become one of the favorite locations for filmmakers and producers to film. WIth more interest and increased demand, it has become known for its exotic landscape. We have compiled a list of the most prominent movies that were filmed in Wadi Rum with a variety of blockbusters, independent movies, and documentaries.

Here's the list:


1. Lawrence of Arabia

The award winning 1962 film by David Lean was mostly filmed in Wadi Rum. The classic movie retraces the story of T.E. Lawrence’s time in Wadi Rum, his life in Wadi Rum, and his alliance with the local tribes during their revolt against the Ottoman Empire. 


2. Red Planet 

The year 2000 movie by Antony Hoffman depicts the location of Wadi Rum as the surface of Mars. In the year 2050, a mission by a team of astronauts departs to Mars to check on their earlier fact finding mission, while looking for an alternative livable planet to earth that is no longer able to sustain humanity. Their mission is full of unexpected surprises.


3. Passion in the Desert

In the 1998 movie by Lavina Currier, Augustin Robert, sent by Napoleon with the army in the conquest for Egypt, gets separated from the troops to find himself alone in the desert, and forms an unusual relationship with a leopard while searching for water.